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ERC721Receiver Omission#


There is an argument to be made for omitting ERC721Receiver from ERC721Wrapper. The idea is for users to be able to send their tokens to the contract address to initiate wrapping their token for governance participation. One potential risk is that this could lead to confusion with end users.

Specifically non-technical users may think they can simply send their NFT to the contract address and may not understand the nuance between safeTransfer and transfer (wrapping and accounting logic can only be implemented on safeTransfer).

If any user transfers their NFT to the communityToken contract via transferFrom, that NFT will be locked in the contract and wrapping will not be accounted for. Only having one explicit method for wrap / unwrap might help prevent confusion on the matter.

Note This risk is highly theoretical. With good communication to end users this could be a non-issue, but is worth mentioning.