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Voting Delay Boundary#


The lower boundary for voting delay is 1 second:

/// @notice The min setable voting delay
uint40 public constant MIN_VOTING_DELAY = 1 seconds;

The idea behind the voting delay is to enable users time to react to a new proposal and allocate their votes accordingly before voting balances are tallied at proposal start time.

One second does not offer enough time for human reaction. Having voting delay at such a low value could introduce unwanted game theory around proposal creation timing. Proposers would likely attempt to game the voting distribution by proposing when they have an advantage.


Increase the MIN_VOTING_DELAY lower boundary to something that affords human reaction, like 1 hour (or even 12 hours to cover all timezones).

In practice, votingDelay is determined via meta-governance, but this is still a useful boundary to maintain fair global access to governance.